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You are in black darkness and confusion. You have been hugger-muggered, and carom-shotted into a war, and you know nothing about it. You know nothing about the forces that caused it, or you know next to nothing. You ought not to be in this war. You cannot win this war.

Sympathy fatigue.

Journal Entry: Sat Jun 28, 2014, 11:21 AM

I'm writing this here mostly because I want to get it off of my chest and because there is no one on dA connected to me closely enough to know any of the people involved in this tale of woe and frustration. 

I don't want to appear to be a nasty, insensitive, unfeeling sort of person but here we go. 

I was off work on my pre-summer holiday (we also have a post summer holiday to come) and returned reasonably refreshed and a little pissed off that normality had resumed. On my first day back I walked into the 'office' and was greeted by the other poor lost souls who share my pain work-wise. "How are things?" "Well... The news is that 'Jane' (my manager, not her real name by the way) is off work because her boyfriend dropped dead last Saturday". This is a shock in two different ways. Way one: I somehow had got it into my head that Jane is a lesbian. Why I don't know, and this isn't a problem, it's just that I had assumed it and now I had this disproved it seemed a bit odd. My first word was "Boyfriend?" and then the slightly more important "Dead?" I felt horrible for her. A woman in her 30's losing the person she had chosen to be her partner and, I was later informed, the father of her children. Having dealt with the horror of a sudden death within the confines of my family I am quite aware of the impact of such an unfair event. You can't quantify the fact that yesterday they were as alive and well as the next man and now they're gone for eternity. It is unjust. 

Anyhow, she was understandably away from her desk. I bought a sympathy card for her, trying to find words adequate to express the fact that life is a cruel bitch without using the words 'cruel bitch' isn't easy. A card expressing how I am thinking of her and am sorry for her loss seemed better. 

She was away for a couple of weeks. 

Now, usually, compassionate leave is short. A fortnight is generally thought to be ample time to be away from your usual mundane life. But my manager didn't return, she did show up once and then left a short time later in tears. Poor thing. Life has beaten her about. We said nothing. 

It's now 8 weeks on and she still hasn't resumed her duties. She will appear from time to time, but she seems to be sitting alone in her office with the lights out and the phone off the hook. The girls at work are all feeling uncomfortable. Are we allowed to make mention to the 'big boss' that there is precious little point in having a manager who, to quote her verbatim, "isn't supposed to be doing anything whilst (she) is there"? We're all working double shifts to cover her. We're stuck with doing all the work she's too sad to do. 

OK, so I understand that she feels unable to do her job, but then perhaps she should go to the doctor's and get signed off. My sympathy is ebbing away and I feel like a complete bastard for feeling that way. Sitting in a room like Miss Haversham isn't buying baby a new bonnet. 


Mrs Littlefishey
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